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It's hard to believe that you can get paid just to give your opinion, but it's true!

Large companies are always doing new product research. Before they spend millions of dollars introducing a new product or changing an existing one, they need to make sure the new product will be a hit. They accomplish this by surveying a sample of the population. With the rise of the internet, this has become much easier for them to do, and much easier for you to participate ....and get paid!

Some of the best.......

MySurvey.com Earn Reward Points that convert to Cash! Easy and Fun!
Survey Savvy Earn $3 per survey, and $2 per survey that any of your friends complete. It costs no money to join this network. You can earn a pretty good amount of money on this site!
Ipsos i-Say Win valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise, while making your opinion known. Lots of surveys, good payout.
NPD Online Research Complete surveys for a chance to win cash & prizes.
goZing Surveys Take surveys relating to movies, products, sports, and food. Members are paid anywhere from $4 to $50 per survey completed. goZing has paid their members over $2,000,000 to date, and it's totally free to join their network.
American Consumer Opinion Earn incentives from $4 to $50 per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.
Synovate Earn Rewards and win Cash and Prizes!

Share your thoughts about entertainment, consumer products, current events, and more. You can earn gift certificates to major retailers.
Survey Networks Fill out a very short survey and be entered to win a Hummer H2, a Jaguar S-Type, an iPod, $50,000 cash, and more!
Opinion Square Opinion Square is a survey community where members share views on topics by answering surveys and earn points redeemable for merchandise and opportunities to win prizes.
TheNetPanel Win fabulous prizes and cash by filling out short surveys.


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